War of the Roses Vegetation
Triangle count: Ranging from 26 to 3574 triangles
Texture maps: Diffuse/Normal/GSM ranging from 256x256 to 512x512
Single models rendered in UDK

This is models of various vegetation I made and textured for the game War of the Roses during my internship at Fatshark Q2 2012. They are hazel trees and bushes, saplings, ferns, dead vegetation, grape crops and more...

War of the Roses

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Models rendered in UDK

Models rendered in UDK

Models rendered in Bitsquid

Models rendered in Bitsquid

Ingame screenshot

In-game screenshot of hazel tree

Hazel tree, Triangles: 3574, Texture size: 2x512x512

Hazel bushes, Triangles: 438-906, Texture size: 512x512

Large hazel bush, Triangles: 1092, Texture size: 512x512

Hazel textures

Grape crops, Triangles: 862-1691, Texture size: 2x512x512

Grape crop textures

Fern bushes, Triangles: 254-316, Texture size: 128x256

Fern textures

Dead saplings, Triangles: 82-186, Texture size: 128x256

Dead twigs, Triangles: 54-884, Texture size: 128x256

Dead plant textures

Wych elm saplings, Triangles: 26-242, Texture size: 256x256

Wych elm textures

Maple saplings, Triangles: 26-173, Texture size: 256x256

Maple sapling textures